Development upgrades to Endian Firewall Community 2.5.1 for registered systems

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

For already registered users it is now possible to upgrade from previous versions of Endian Firewall Community to version 2.5.1.  However, right now this is only possible for systems that are already registered in the Endian Community and are registered in the Development (bleeding edge) channel. If you are unsure whether your system is registered in the development or in the production channel, you can find out by typing smart channel –show | grep devel. The result should look like this:

smart channel --show | grep devel
baseurl =

If the output is empty you have chosen the production channel. In this case upgrades are not available for you yet.
If your system is registered in the development channel you can perform the upgrade by running the following commands.

smart update
smart upgrade efw-upgrade

The upgrade will then start and take quite some time depending on the version that was previously installed. Upgrading from version 2.5 is quite fast, all other versions will download and install hundreds of packages and the upgrade procedure will therefore take a long time.

Last but definitely not least: if your system is not yet registered please wait a few more days – upgrading now might cause issues (you might also have to run efw-upgrade a few times until everything is ready in this case).

Your Endian Team

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